Scoliosis SOS Clinics                      London & Suffolk
ScolioGold - The Gold-Standard non-surgical treatment for scoliosis & hyper-kyphosis
The UK's only group of non-surgical scoliosis clinics
- benefit from our team of medical experts.

We treat more scoliotics per year than any other
non-surgical treatment provider in the UK.

Past patients' stories featured weekly
in national and local press.
 Most experienced medical staff in the industry
 Free consultation with a medical specialist
 Proven techniques to provide the best results
 0% Finance options available
 Unrivalled level of patient aftercare
We make a small charge of £25 for your spinal scan & medical report
 88% fewer patients need spinal fusion surgery
 85% of patients decrease their pain long-term
 83% of patients with an increased quality of life
 Success with post-operative patients
 Success with patients 6 to 85 years
To find out how one of our clinics could help your spinal condition, please use the links above.
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